The Artist. The Teacher.



Shari Alongi

“Shari, an early childhood art teacher since 1987, seems to have been a lover of art from first steps, and a lover of life starting at birth.

Her passion for life and capturing emotions through various mediums – paint, pencils, sculptures, etc. – highlight the zest with which she greets each new moment.

Her warm personality, artistic gifts and natural way with teaching make her the perfect fit for bringing joy to any gathering, for young or old.”

– Deb Harrison

  • Quilter, painter, artist, mom, pet lover
  • SUNY Fredonia and SUNY New Paltz
    • BS in Art
    • BA in Elementary Ed
    • MA in early childhood
  • Art teacher for almost 30 years

Looking forward to sharing a love of art with the artist in everyone!

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